Renalysis Medical Care
Taicha Medical Corp. (Shanghai)


Renalysis Medical Care Co.,Ltd.


About RMC  (Renalysis Medical Care Co.,Ltd.)

RMC is a team of highly experienced staff who are from the areas of medical treatment, management, accounting, finance and technology.
The satisfying services of RMC includes:

  • Consultant to design & build-up of hemodialysis centers
  • Recommendations for the purchase of dialysis machines / equipment and dialysis articles / medicine that the hemodialysis centers need.

Company Vision

For years, the efficient and decent management has always been the root principle of RMC. With the macroscopic operating strategy, we expand our market share and devote to the alliance with our fellow companies positively and prudentially.
The ongoing amelioration on quality, service and management enhances RMC, the best consultancy in the dialytic domain.


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